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Support Board Update



As you may be aware, we're using the latest development build for this support board so that we may get some extended testing done before the first beta release due fairly soon.

Not all the features planned have been added at this point. The changes in this build are noted in this topic with the addition of a new permission mask column called 'Show Forum'.

This mask allows you to show the forum on the board index, but restrict the ability to read the topic titles - great for converting guests into members, etc.

Also you can optionally allow those with 'show' access, but no 'read' access to view the topic titles (aka forum view) but when the topic is clicked, it brings up an error message.

You can write your own custom error message to be displayed when someone with 'show' access clicks on the forum title - or if they can see the topic titles, the error will be displayed when the topic is accessed.

You might have also noticed inline attachments which are new to this build too as demonstrated by this post.

We have also removed the 'members helping members' community forums as the trial period came to a close at the end of January. I'd like to thank the few very hard working members who gave their free time to help out in those forums.

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